Our Missions


The Solar Library - tesla Orbiter (SpaceX, 2018)

Our first mission was launched by SpaceX on the Falcon Heavy Test Launch in 2018. It is now orbiting the Sun for 30 million years. The first books in the Solar Library are the Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy. 


The Lunar Library: GENESIS (SpaceIL, 2019)

The first major installation of the Lunar Library is a 30 million page archive that flew on the SpaceIL Beresheet Moon lander, in 2019: It is now believed to be intact on the Moon.


The LEO Library: Constellation 1 (SpaceChain, 2018)

In October 2018, SpaceChain launched a cubesat containing a live blockchain node into low-Earth orbit. Onboard is a copy of the English Wikipedia in a solid-state Arch™Library, provided by the Arch Mission Foundation.


The Lunar Library: Peregrine (Astrobotic, TBA)

The Arch Mission Foundation is delivering another installment in the Lunar Library,™ containing additional content, in an upcoming mission with Astrobotic in the USA.


The leo library: constellation 2 (SpaceBelt, tba)

SpaceBelt is developing a network of low-Earth orbit satellites providing high-security non-terrestrial cold-storage for big datasets. The Arch Mission Foundation will be backing up Arch™ Libraries on this orbital storage network.


the Lunar Library: Apollo (PTScientists, 2019+)

The Arch Mission Foundation is working with PTScientists in Berlin to design and deliver a series of ambitious Arch™ Libraries across several Moon landings.


The Earth Library: Eden (Arch Mission Foundation, 2019)

In 2019 the Arch Mission Foundation will begin an ongoing series of missions to deliver Arch™ Libraries to deep cave systems, underwater locations, mountaintops, bunkers, and other ultra-long duration locations on planet Earth.


the conrad Challenge (Blue Origin, 2019)

The Arch Mission Foundation is working with the Conrad Foundation to send and return an Arch™ Library comprised of original content created by students, to be flown to space by Blue Origin in the USA.


The Mars LibrarIES (TBA)

The Arch Mission will be sending Arch™ Libraries to Mars orbit and to the surface of Mars in the coming decades. These archives will backup both the Earth and future Mars colonies.


the LaGrange Libraries (tba)

The Arch Mission Foundation is designing missions to deliver an ongoing series of Arch™ Libraries to L4 and L5 orbital locations for long-term safekeeping and discovery.