Arch Mission
Meet Blue Origin.


In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary moon landings, The Conrad Challenge created the “Moonwalker Capsule” to digitally house the 2018-2019 student submissions. The “Moonwalker Capsule” is constructed of Nickel Nanofiche in partnership with The Arch Mission Foundation. It highlights the innovative spirit of today’s young minds, as well as celebrates the success of Conrad Challenge innovators from past years of the competition.

Like the Conrad Challenge’s namesake Capt. Pete Conrad, Commander of Apollo 12 and the third man to walk on the Moon, all 2018-2019 student submissions and previous students ‘then and now’ stories flew to space on board New Shepard on May 2,2019.

New Shepard is Blue Origin’s suborbital reusable rocket that takes payloads – and soon people – to space and back launching from the company’s West Texas Launch Site.