Robert C. Jacobson

Operations Lead

Robert Jacobson was inspired by the first XPRIZE competition to personally and professionally involve himself in the entrepreneurial space industry through research, advocacy, investment, and leadership.

Jacobson co-founded 62MileClub focused on connected the emerging commercial spaceflight sector with the mainstream public. Jacobson also co-founded Aerospace& Defense Forum a global aerospace and defense leadership community of over 1500 executives that provides opportunities for sharing of information and analysis, mutual support and encouragement, partnering, innovation, and performance breakthroughs.

Robert was a principal with Space Angels Network which targeted early stage investment opportunities in the aerospace sector.

Jacobson completed the International Space University’s Space Studies Program (2016) at the Technion Institute in Haifa, Israel. During that time, Jacobson co-authored a white paper on ways to improve existing land administration administration infrastructure infrastructure by leveraging blockchain technology and high resolution geospatial data.

Jacobson contributes articles on the emerging commercial spaceflight industry and is completing his first book titled “Astropreneurs.”