Martin Kunze

Founder, Memory of Mankind

Martin Kunze is the founder of the Memory of Mankind archive (in short MOM), which aims to pass on a permanently legible snapshot of our era - beyond the digital age. He developed new technologies for extrem-long-term archiving: ceramic data carriers, which are the most durable and resistant ones humanity has ever used. 

The content for MOM is a composite of material preselected by institutions, texts collected by automatisms and contributions by individuals.

A siginficant part of MOM´s content is the "bottom up told history": Until now, history has been written by rulers, historians and professors - in retrospect. In the era of open source and open access it is only consequent that we write the open edited history book ourselves during our lifetime. Everyone around the globe is invited to contribute to humanity´s story. This bottom up told history will be preserved by other projects too, one of them is Arch Mission.

Martin Kunze has a MA form Art and Design University in Linz, Austria and is invited as an expert for long term questions at conferences and gives speeches at events such as TED or Brain Bar Budapest. Not only the questions what but also for whom and why are in the focus of his passionate research.