Josh Kirschenbaum

Josh Kirschenbaum is Visual Effects Supervisor for Nomad Editing Co. in Los Angeles. For 25+ years, Josh has worked closely with some of the world's top brands and studios- Apple, Facebook, Google, Ford, Honda, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and others, helping bring their vision to life by designing visual effects shots and sequences, workflows, and creative solutions to today's challenging media landscape.

In 1992, while working at Avid Technology, Josh served as liaison to James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, providing close technical and workflow support for the post production department on Terminator 2: The Special Edition as well as the blockbuster hit True Lies.

Josh then moved into film production, serving as graphics display supervisor on such films as Congo, Spawn, Twister, Jerry Maguire, Dante's Peak, Titanic, and others.

After his stint in the Hollywood system, Josh moved to commercials, leveraging his production and post-production skills to provide on-set and in-the-box VFX services for several companies and projects before arriving at Nomad Editing Company in 2009. Since then he has been closely involved in expanding Nomad's VFX and finishing services worldwide, helping establish offices in New York, London and most recently, Tokyo.