Eric Knight

Eric Knight is a business pioneer, futurist, serial inventor, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor.

He is the President of Remarkable Technologies, Inc., a company he founded in 1994. (

In the 1980s, Eric created what many now recognize as one of the world's first global "e-commerce" systems.

In 1996, he created one of the world's first online travel agencies.

During the 90s, he was a principal of a leading Web-development company that had over 250 employees, spanning 18 offices in 13 countries.

Eric's career also includes projects with literally out-of-the-world goals.

For instance, from 2000 - 2004, Eric was one of the team leaders (Avionics Manager) who designed, built, and launched the world's first civilian rocket into space. This historic event occurred on May 17, 2004.

Eric is also a co-founder of the Time Capsule To Mars™ project -- the world's first student-led interplanetary mission that intends to design, build, launch, and land a time capsule on the surface of Mars. The state-of-the-art time capsule will be engineered to carry messages provided by people from all points on Earth in the form of text, images, audio, and video clips, and will remain as a lasting repository of today's human race to be rediscovered by future colonists of the Red Planet. (

Eric has a wide range of patents and products in the marketplace.

As an inventor, he has appeared on numerous television programs and talk shows -- including a guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

As seen in the news recently, Eric is part of the esteemed team working to tackle Alzheimer's disease -- a horrific disease that takes the lives of millions of people, worldwide. Eric's patented invention (U.S. Patent 9,037,268, is a head-wearable device that emits electromagnetic waves for therapeutic use. No treatment in the world has yet been discovered to be effective in the fight against Alzheimer's, but the assembled team is hoping to change that. NeuroEM Therapeutics has an exclusive license to Eric's / Remarkable Technologies' patented technology. NeuroEM also developed an associated device which is now in a Phase I clinical trial with Alzheimer's patients. View a sample of the media coverage at these links: TV: Print: To review details of the clinical trial, please visit at this link: