Chun Ming

Chun Ming is Microsoft's technical program manager, working on search and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for Bing search and Azure cloud. He built prototypes and published a patent as solo inventor around software for searching non-web, proprietary big data. To further develop the software for use, he managed teams and worked with Microsoft enterprise partners like the US fashion retailer, Nordstrom, increasing ads click through rate on it's fashion product catalogue data by 5.9% In another application scenario to help small businesses with customer sales lead generation, the software is used to increase the searchability of company contacts data (Contact person name, phone numbers, emails etc.) collected by the S&P500 enterprise Dun & Bradstreet. In yet another scenario, he worked with another Microsoft partner, the US government's space agency, NASA, to improve the discoverability of big data collected by NASA's satellites such as Earth's light pollution and cloud cover data.

Chun Ming also has consulting engagements. He has advised Japanese firms like the eCommerce company Digitial Media Mart (DMM) on machine learning projects. He also taught undergraduates at the University of California (UC) Berkeley as a lecturer on topics in AI and advised a project to build an AI virtual tutor for educational games.

When Chun Ming was a student at UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, he also built and cofounded the computer vision iPhone mobile app, Waygo that let's you translate real world Asian text (e.g. Street signs, food menus). As a Singaporean fluent in English and Chinese, his vision was to help westerners better connect with Asian languages and culture.

Additional bio details can be found on his blog and LinkedIn