Bruce Ha

Founder, NanoArchival Solutions

Founder and inventor of NanoRosetta®, Bruce Ha possesses deep technological, R& D, statistical process control, and managerial knowledge through his associations with companies such as Rockwell Science Center, Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon, Pioneer Video Mfg., Technicolor and the Eastman Kodak Company.

After having worked on missiles systems, Bruce spent two years in Japan on research and development of the Laser Disc format. Upon returning to the US, he worked on specifications committees to create the DVD format at Technicolor and developed the world’s first flexible optical trading card for Upper Deck. At Kodak, Bruce invented, developed and commercialized the Picture CD technology, which allows both pre-recorded and recordable areas to be combined onto a single disc. He also led the team to develop the write once SD memory specification.

A graduate of USC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, a minor in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bruce has been granted 11 patents including high-speed polar raster writing technology to create diffractive optical elements for use in the authentication of optical discs, nano-text engraving, and high-level security holographic technologies.

In addition to his business focus, Bruce and his wife, Sarah, spend much of their free time with their three young daughters. They practice Taekwondo to build physical skill and mental discipline. Bruce enjoys martial arts and was an instructor at one time.

At the age of 10, Bruce fled Vietnam with his family and eventually immigrated to the US. Through hard work and determination, he taught himself English and excelled in school receiving top honors. He is also fluent in four languages.

Because of the adversity he faced, Bruce understands life’s challenges, and is therefore dedicated to his community by helping to alleviate poverty, promoting animal welfare and encouraging the advancement of youths in the fields of math and science. Bruce’s passion is to help endow the archive of humanity’s collected works to preserve human knowledge for many generations to come.