Ben Haldeman

Ben Haldeman is an entrepreneur, product designer, engineer, and rocket scientist. His interests are in using space to help the Earth and spreading life into the cosmos. 

Ben was with Planet for over 5 years where he built a satellite network that is imaging the whole Earth every day and creating actionable insights. Ben started as one of the early engineers and designed the camera system used on over 300 satellites. He coordinated launch logistics with rockets flying out of several different countries. Ben worked on product management and strategy for new business lines involving satellites, big data, and machine learning.

Prior to Planet, Ben built a global robotic telescope network with LCO that is regularly discovering new planets. As part of mechanical engineering graduate studies at Berkeley, Ben designed life detection instruments for Mars rover missions.

Ben lives in San Francisco with daughter Luna. He is a certified yoga teacher and often finds inspiration amongst the redwood trees in Marin.