Tobias Batton

Tobias Batton is the Founder of Signal Zero. He has been an entrepreneur building entertainment technology companies for over a decade. His first company which helped independent filmmakers publish their films digitally and was launched in 2006 and acquired in 2008. Batton then focused his attention on developing and publishing social games with his next startup Resistor. This effort lead to a variety of popular web and mobile games, including the widely played Clan Wars and the cultural phenomenon iGirl.

He was a designer in IGN’s IoH incubator, and is a thought leader in the evolution of digital platforms. He was profiled in the reality series, “The Next Game Boss”. In 2009, Silicon Valley pioneer Nova Spivack asked Batton to help design his temporal search technology Live Matrix, a crowd-sourced popularity system with real time tracking of event popularity. In 2012, He was hired by the Emerge Digitial Group to build a mobile division for the organization. This effort helped the organization be named America’s #8 fastest growing company in the Inc. 500.

He has been profiled by Forbes, Fox Business Network, the New York Times, WIRED, IGN, Cnet and VentureBeat, and his published “Variable Dopamine-Wavelength Mapping Theory”—a system based on Dopamine (the organically produced neurotransmitter responsible for reward-driven learning) spikes in the brain, applied directly to an overlap of both Maslow’s pyramid and Pavlov’s trigger-based framework—has been featured at numerous conferences and articles, including Forbes.