The Earth Library (2020)

The billion-year backup.
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Mission Overview
Preserving human knowledge, where humans live, is as important, if not more important, than long term space archival. The Arch Mission Foundation is creating billion year archives here on Earth for the benefit of every being on Earth.


The Planetary Backup will be a set of ultra-long-durability backups of human civilization that will be installed in specialized protective containers and located in multiple redundant remote locations around the Earth.

The Planetary Backup is intended to be a backup of human civilization on Earth that can be found and utilized by distant future inhabitants of this planet, if it is ever needed. It is implemented as a set of ultra-long-term libraries in safe locations around the surface of Planet Earth, selected for their long-term survivability yet isolation from human contact today.

Our goal is to provide a complete university-level library, as well as specialized primer materials and tools to help recipients of this information access it and understand it, through a specialized container called The Civilization Box.

These archives may be critically important to rebuilding civilization in the near-term if there is a major planetary disaster that destroys much of the information that presently exists in ephemeral forms (electronic / magnetic / organic storage media, paper, or physical media on the surface of the Earth).

In the long-term they may be the only surviving records of our present day civilization’s knowledge. If that is the case, these records will be of immeasurable value to future historians and archaeologists, and perhaps also to future scientists and those building or rebuilding civilization in the distant future.