The Arch Mission Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation founded in 2016 in Houston, Texas, and now headquartered in Los Angeles.

The Arch Mission Foundation is independent of any nation, ideology, or outside agenda or organization.

Our sole purpose is to preserve, and enable access to, human cultural and biological heritage, in the far future. We strive to transmit the heritage of all peoples, cultures, belief systems, and perspectives.

The Arch Mission Foundation is supported through grants and donations. Recently the organization also launched a store to generate revenue to support its work. Several spinout companies have also been formed based on research related to the Foundation, and will help to support the Foundation in the future if they are successful. The goal of the organization is to become an independent, self-perpetuating, self-funding organization that will continue to support the itself indefinitely into the future.

The Arch Mission Foundation,™ the Arch Solar Library™, the Arch Lunar Library™, the Arch Mars Library™, and Arch™ Libraries are trademarks of the Arch Mission Foundation.