Our Crew


Mission Control



Nova Spivack
Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO

Nick Slavin


Bruce Ha
Chief Scientist

Matthew Hoerl
Director, Production

Michael Paul
Director, Space Science

Molly Lavik
Business Developmet

Alex Lin
Director, Arch Mission China

Robert C. Jacobson
Industry Relations

June Baldwin
Director, Legal Affairs

Bethany Cates

Josh Jones-Dilworth
Director, Marking and Communications


Advisory Board


Stephen Wolfram
Founder & CEO, Wolfram Research 

Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

Jill Tarter
Chair Emeritus, SETI Institute

Vint Cerf
Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Adam Cheyer
VP of R&D, Samsung

Brewster Kahle
Founder, Internet Archive

Robert Boehme
CEO, PTScientists

Tzili Charney
Founder, LCRC

Laura Welcher
Director of Operations, The Long Now Library

Rami Kleinmann
CEO, Genius 100

Frank White
Author, The Overview Effect

Ben Lamm
Founder/CEO, Hypergiant

Martin Kunze
Founder, Memory of Mankind

David Copperfield
Emmy Award-winning Illusionist

Peter Kazansky
University of Southampton

William Alba
Carnegie Mellon University

Lewis Dartnell

Yonatan Winetraub
Co-founder, SpaceIL

Michelle Hanlon
Co-founder, For All Moonkind

Paul Jones
University of North Carolina

Rick Tumlinson
Founder, Earth Light Foundation