Anamaria Berea

Anamaria holds a PhD in economics (2010) and computational social science (2012) and her current research is focused on the emergence of communication in biological and social networks, by applying theories and methods from economics, complex systems and data science to reinterpret historical, anthropological, biological and artistic data regarding the fundamental aspects of communication on our planet, from signaling in simple biological organisms to complex human and computer languages. She is an interdisciplinary scientist and uses a wide range of computational methods (agent-based modeling, network analysis, predictive analytics, natural language processing techniques, Bayesian Networks, semantic analyses and machine learning) as well as complexity science and economic modeling to study heterogeneous, noisy, complex systems phenomena. Anamaria hopes to develop further the current research in communication into hybrid, coevolving natural-computational techniques necessary for next generation AI technologies that will open new possibilities for space exploration and search for life in space. Anamaria was also one of the 12 selected data scientists to participate in the 2017 NASA Frontier Development AI research accelerator and she was part of the solar storm prediction team.